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Loaded Dancer is no more?


« The Loaded Dancer has been eaten! A feral panda with rabies has eaten all the Dancer decks. Yes, the Dancer is going to be discontinued folks. Cry, celebrate, do a backflip. With the death of the Dancer we have made room for a new dancing beast that will be released in a few months. The current Dancer is much fun, but it’s been hard to build and we’re off in other directions. We may revisit this style in the future: who knows? We have been working on this new dancer over the past year and have done extensive testing on it in the North Pole and are very pleased. It is an improved dancer with new bells and whistles to help you all put the funk in funk master. We decided 55” was not long enough and made this new beast 202 inches long. It is a bit hard to fit in a trunk. Giving you all a release date would be too kind. Just daydream about it and we will keep you posted when it is close. For some details, think about how a ninja walks across a log and the technology behind paper airplanes… »
Info ou Intox? Ils arrêteraient la production de Loaded Dancer dès maintenant! Pour laisser place à une nouvelle créature…d’ici quelques mois (ce qui veut dire pour le printemps 2010 en language « loaded »). Encore plus longue, encore plus « dancing »…je suis curieux de voir à quoi peut ressembler la bête, surtout après un modèle si réussi! A bon entendeur, bon ride!
Link vers le site de Loaded: